Saturday, April 10, 2010

2: The Perfect Red Lip

A classic-year round look is the red lip; it always has been, and it always will be. 

Finding that perfect shade can be hard, and learning the best way to apply it is up to you. But here are my tips on finding your right shade, and the ideal way to make that shade last and look perfect:) 

There are soooo many red lipsticks out there... how would you know which one is best for you? It might seem obvious, but the best way to know is really just to try it on your lips. If you're in a Sephora, just swipe one of those sample lip brushes across a lipstick and put it on, simple as that. Although we all have different skin tones, and there are shade recommendations for each, just try some colors on your self and see what works. You really want to stick to that fire-hydrant red, maybe with some gold or plum or orange undertones, whatever it may be. 

If you still can't decide what the best color for you is, ask a beauty associate at a store like Sephora what undertones you have in your skin, and they will be able to match that with a red lipstick consisting of the undertone that goes with yours. 

Steps to putting on the lipstick: 
1) Exfoliate your lips with either a lip exfoliator or just an old toothbrush to take off any chapped parts of your lip. 

2) Apply a light layer of plain chapstick (no shimmer, wetness, or glossy feel to it) so that your lips are moisturized 

3) This is optional, especially for teens, but helps keep your lip color lasting longer: Fill in your whole lip with a red lip liner (similar or exact to the color of your lipstick). Make sure that you stay on the edges of your lips, not going out of them to make your lips look larger, it will actually just make you look silly haha. Applying the lipliner is like priming and adding a base to your lips so that the lipstick will really stay on your lips and maintain that deep red color. 

4) Then take your lipstick. If you have a lip brush, use it for more precise application, especially for around the outer areas of your lip, and especially if your lipstick is round from a lot of use. But if you don't have one, it's fine.    

If you have a lip brush: Rub it onto the lipstick and apply all over your lips, making sure you reach everywhere. You'll probably have to rub it on to the lipstick a few times to finish your whole lip. 

If you only have the lipstick: Slowly and carefully apply it onto your lips. Make sure you have an even amount of color everywhere. 

Even though it comes out more precise with the lip brush, I like using just the lipstick because it gives a more rich color. 

5) "Smush" your lips together so that the color is evenly distributed on both your top and bottom lip. 

6) Smile!! make sure you didn't get any lipstick on your teeth... ewwwwww... 

....and you're done! hope this helps you out it works great for me :)  



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